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Three- to six-month Portuguese courses


  • 2023 and 2024 start dates

    • August 28/2023 

    • March 18/2024

    • August 19/2024

    • October 7/2024

If you plan to study for more than a few weeks, The Language Club offers specific start dates for one- to six-month Portuguese courses.
These courses are in groups and have a workload of 15 hours a week. 

Grammatical content and thematic areas

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Esboço Seta para baixo
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Contents for the 3-month courses:

Contents for the 6-month courses also include: 

Thematic areas and vocabulary:

- Verbs "SER" and "ESTAR"
- Verbs in the present and past
- Number and gender agreement
- Definite and indefinite articles
- Personal, possessive and interrogative pronouns
- Prepositions and contractions
- Adjectives
- Adverbs
- Formation of plural

- Comparatives
- Conjunctions and connectors
- Indefinite, relative and demonstrative pronouns
- Past participle forms
- Direct and indirect speech
- Conditionals and subjunctive mood

- Personal information
- Hobbies and daily routine
- Family and friends
- Work and study
- Eating
- Shopping
- Travel and tourism
- House and home
- Sports
- Climate and weather
- Health
- Transportation
- Brazilian culture 

     Frequently asked questions:

Do I need a student visa (Temporary Visa IV)?

Not for the three-month course, as a tourist visa allows foreigners to stay up to 90 days in Brazil. Check with the Brazilian Consulate in your country about specific requirements for a tourist visa. The Language Club can provide documentation for a student visa application, upon request

Can I join the course after its start date?

Yes, you can. Check below the 28-Aug-23 group level expected at different future dates :
Sept 25, 23: A1+
Nov 6, 23: A2
Feb 5, 24: A2+

If the dates and levels mentioned above do not work for you, please refer to our other course options.

Do you provide accommodation options?

Yes, take a look here!

Do you provide immersion activities in addition to the classes?

We offer orientation sessions, hikes, and conversation opportunities and organize visits to museums and other place of interest on the island. Floripa is easy to get around; after the initial settling-in period and our general orientation, students will find it easy and enjoyable to explore on their own or with new friends.

Contact us for more information
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