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 Entry dates:
October 10 and 24

October Portuguese Group Course


Learn some of the language basics to facilitate your travel or initial months in Brazil if you are a beginner. 

Gain confidence in conversing and give one more step toward fluency in Portuguese. 


And, of course, you will enjoy the process!



Apply here!

Thank you.We will contact you soon.

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Courses in the Pre-intermediate and Intermediate levels

Who is this course for?

It is for those who want to learn some basic day-to-day expressions to enjoy a trip or live temporarily in Brazil.

For those who want to grow their confidence when speaking Portuguese.

It is for those who feel they have plateaued with language improvement and want to give a boost in their learning.

Elementary level course

Communicative objectives for the first four weeks 

By the end of the course the students should be able to:

  • Interact, asking and answering basic questions;

  • Provide personal information (address, phone number, nationality, age, family, hobbies, profession, etc.);

  • Express their likes in a simple form

  • Talk about habits and routine

  • Describe a person or property

  • Express travel goals

Intermediate level

Communicative objectives for the first four weeks 

By the end of the course the students should be able to:

  • Hold a conversation or discussion.

  • Ask and understand detailed instructions.

  •  Express feelings such as surprise, happiness, sadness, interest and indifference and react to people;

  • Give or ask for personal opinions during an informal discussion with friends;

  • Agree and disagree politely.

  • Speak more fluently and correctly;

  • Produce more organized speech, with longer and more complex sentences and less interference from other languages;

  • Use a good amount of speech connectors;

  • Tell a story, the plot of a book or a movie.

  • Provide details of experiences, describing feelings and reactions.

 Course Features

  • There will be courses on two levels: elementary (A1 in the CEFRL) for those willing to initiate their studies in Portuguese. And pre-intermediate (A2/A2+ in the CEFRL) for those who want to accelerate their learning.

  • The program will be from 9:30 to 12:00, Monday through Thursday.

  • You can enroll in 2 to 12 weeks.

  • A communicative program with a focus on conversational Portuguese (listening and speaking) will accelerate your learning.

  • The school's light and cooperative learning environment will encourage you to communicate and grow your confidence in speaking;


You will have a coffee break daily at TLC.  It happens around 10:15 when students, teachers and staff gather for a cup and chat. It is an extra invite for practice in an informal and authentic situation!

Our team will be there to help you. You will receive orientation on your studies and on leisure activities available on the island. We want you to get the most from your immersion!

You will be in contact with other students that just like you are looking forward to acquiring Portuguese! And you can learn a lot from this community.

My husband and I came to Brasil for one month to learn Portuguese and enjoy the beautiful Ilha that is Florianópolis. The Language Club was the perfect place for us! The town is incredibly cute and the gente são muito boa! We had a small class and the professors made you very comfortable with speaking, reading, and hearing Português 😄We would recommend this place to anyone interested in learning the local language and meeting some wonderful people as well. Obrigada, The Language Club, por tudo! Até breve! ❤️

Katie Sideris

 I had three tutors at the Language Club and they were all great. They had a real love for teaching language, which made it easy to look forward to every class. My Portuguese improved by leaps and bounds thanks to Victor, Liz, and Rodrigo! And it’s in such a good spot in Lagoa, too :)

Evan Lambert

I studied here for six weeks and my Portuguese improved immensely! Every instructor at the school is well-trained and will cater to your needs. Muito obrigado!

J Fotakis

This is one of the best ideas to do while in Florianopolis, hone your skills in Portuguese! The school offers private and group classes all while providing highly professional teachers and staff and maintaining friendly and warm environment. The program is combining between written materials, video and audio all while making sure you are pronouncing the words correctly when you are speaking. If you have some time here, definitely a great time with them. Thank you guys it was a pleasure !

Alexander Savin

You ou will get

  • 10 hours of Portuguese classes a week

  • Maximum of 7 students per group

  • Focus on speaking to help you grow your independence and confidence with the language

  • A daily coffee break for authentic practice 

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Price table

One week (10 hours) - USD170

Two weeks (20 hours) - USD320

Three weeks (30 hours) - USDD460

Four Weeks (40 hours) - USD600

About the school


In 1993, a group of teachers who majored in Portuguese and English languages opened The Language Club in the small neighbourhood of Lagoa, intending to provide a communicative and humanist methodology for teaching foreign languages.


This club has flourished in a green and plural environment, and many students have studied with us, gaining fluency in a foreign language.


The school methodology emphasises oral (speech) development.  


It values transparent and collaborative communication with the students and monitors their progress and engagement in the learning process.

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The Language Club

Avenida Afonso delamber, 817, Lagoa da Conceição

Florianópolis, SC

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